An Unfinished and Ever Growing List of Citations

EAGER is a short claymation dance film with a devastatingly sad score. It  inspired initial attempts at crafting material. I.e. Rodney and I tried the choreography together and tried to make it appear by trick of the camera that we were one body slowly multiplying. It didn’t work, but it did inspire beginning choreography and the idea of two people sharing a body, sharing movement, and trying to figure it out. We also use the sound score, which is by Aaron M. Olson

Rodney and I went to see Emily’s work at MOMA PS1 our sophomore year. It felt very surreal, taking the megabus to New York to see my professor dance. It was at this moment I realized that I was in the life I had dreamt about all my life from my bedroom in Kansas City. That somehow, all the dreams I had from my friend’s mothers yoga studio where we would hold duet rehearsals on Sunday mornings, only knowing that we had a song we wanted to choreograph to, led up to this moment.

In the line for the bathroom, Rodney and I were talking about Emily, and a woman in front of us turned around and asked if we were her students. We said yes. She said she was Emily’s friend from childhood, and she was so thrilled that “her Emily” was performing at MOMA. She said their dance they did at the beach ended the piece. 

Rodney and I watched. We held each other and cried at the end when they brought out the flowers and started dancing the beach dance. I watched Emily’s friend watching Emily dancing their dance from childhood. I cried harder. I wanted that.

Afterwards, Ishmael saw me on the way out and asked me why I was there. Rodney and I got chinese food. 

Katherine and I started working on something in the fall. I thought it might have been my thesis, but it wanted to be something different. We stopped when COVID 19 started to spike again. We talked about putting together a series of duets night. We still want to do that, and we still want to make a piece. 


Kati was deeply involved throughout this whole process. I  called her whenever I was feeling stuck lost, or excited. In Jimena’s class, we had a special improvisational duet. I outlined her in my clothes, and we slow danced while humming.

A funeral song for a love lost. A song [redacted] and I danced before college. Our last dance together. I didn’t know it was ending, only thought it was changing.


My brother and I watched this movie together a few years ago. I am not sure how, or why it influenced me or my work, but something about how it encapsulates siblinghood I think made us both feel seen. If anything, it gave us something to bond over. 


Tangled, togetherness.  So human, so full.