Thank you to 

My parents, Mark and Peggy, and my brother, Dylan, for endless support over these past four years.


Meredith Glisson, for reminding me to not tell lies. 

Trevor McKeon, for answering all my questions about Adobe Premiere, and taking the time to do countless reshoots. ​​

Paul Matteson, for coming to rehearsal, and for telling me junior year to make a work about how I compare myself to everyone else.

Rodney Murray, for all the dances we've done, and the all the dances to come. 

Kati Payne, for all the post workshop facetimes, and for being a brilliant and humble friend and consultant. 

Katherine Desimine, for getting me out of the house when I was editing obsessively. 

Christina Carelli and Noah Miller, for reading the words I wrote.

All my professors, for the growth they have facilitated over the past four years.

and all those I carry with me, I couldn't have done it without you, or the time we spent together.